10 Ways to Scan Documents From the Files App

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3 min readOct 19, 2021


10 Ways to Scan Documents From the Files App

The standard file management tools for a computer, such as opening a document or photos to view — these items are hard to see when the screen size is small. The best way to make them visible is by scanning them from the computer. If you are handling a lot of documents to be scanned, you might have to take multiple steps to open them all up to begin scanning. Thankfully, there are so many creative, easy ways you can scan documents right from the Files app! Check out what these unconventional methods are!

Where to find the Files app

App Store, the Apps section of the Reeder app for Macs The Files app is a simple way to send, upload, and search for files in a secure environment. When searching for the app in the App Store, be sure the edit icon is selected in the upper left corner of the screen to access it from within iOS devices.

What features does it have

The Files app enables users to view, create, print, share, annotate and redact documents built with built-in engines like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and PDF. This app has its purpose in storing files within an iCloud-enabled system or in MyDocuments placed in the cloud.

How to scan documents in your Photos

Files already come with a built-in scanning tool as well as a scanner app, which is designed to quickly scan documents from your iPad or iPhone. It creates a new PDF that the recipient can then convert into their preferred format. It’s very simple to use and can speed up document-scanning processes by a lot more than you would expect.

How to scan documents using Office Lens

Bringing documents and other compatible Microsoft Office files into the Files app so you can annotate them and share them with friends and colleagues is easy. Here are ten ways to scan documents from the Files app:

How to use the PDF scanner in the Files app

If you’re planning on scanning submitted or received pdfs, then you’ll want to use the PDF scanner in the Files App.

How to share scanned documents with team members

If you try to open a PDF or Excel file in Microsoft Office, you will be prompted to share it with your team members. To do so, click on the Share button in the toolbar at the bottom of the window. Then select All Networks and Team workspace- then users on that workspace can download it.


The Files app now has the ability to scan documents. Using an app like CamScanner or Microsoft Office Lens, users will be able to scan a document, upload the files from the app back to their computer and get their e-mail. It’s important to remember that scanning from a camera is not the same as scanning from a scanner, which is why it’s always recommended to make sure each file has been edited and optimized before uploading it.

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